A blog tentative about coding intros for the demoscene. When ulrick came to me in 2007 and proposed me to come back to the demoscene and join FRequency, I told him "no way, I'm too old for that now!"... :)

After more than 15 years away from the scene, I found this come back to be somewhat difficult... and well, challenging...so I accepted his proposal, apart the fact that it is much more difficult to spent several hours in programming when your family is expecting to go outside for a walk compared to the "easy student life" when I was coding demos on Amiga!

Thanks to xt95, a talented young coder from FRequency, we were able to release quite a few nice prods. I spent mainly my time developing some "backoffice" tools and worked on the coding/design of some of the demos, and spent (and still spending!) a lot of time to understand the new technical jargon, playing a bit with opengl or directx. Well, I have to admit that it's a huge investment to catch up the real-time graphics/sound coding domain, as i used to work for almost 10 years in a domain not really related to it. I just hope to release an intro on my own in 2010!

One thing is that i'm discovering and learning things everyday, and this is very cool. One other thing is that I want to share this with others, and this is the reason why I opened this blog. Hope that I'll be able to keep it updated! ;)